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At Boat Cruises Perth we have different rates for peak and off-peak seasons, all cruises will vary in cost depending on your requirements.
Tickets can be purchased from either of our offices at Fremantle and Hillarys or here online, or Call (08) 9521 4104
Boat Cruises Perth is located in Fremantle boat harbour and Hillarys boat harbour Perth, Western Australia.
At Boat Cruises Perth we offer swan river cruises, Rottness Island cruise as well as co-operate business cruise.
Chances are you won’t get sea-sick on todays modern superliners. Cruise ships are built with very effective stabilizers to minimise the rocking movement of the sea. Cruise ships are often diverted from their standard course to avoid bad weather and most of the time you will be in beautiful calm waters. If all else fails, preventative medication is cheap, and it works.

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